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Godzilla In Konoha Chapter 16: Oh My God!!!

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"Bastard, what kind of strange power is this"

White Zetsu kept twisting his body, and as soon as he came out of Kazue's body, he immediately screamed!

It actually caused all the cells in his body to go out of control...

'What the hell is this Kekkei Genkai!'

"What the hell are you!"

Kazue was both shocked and angry. Her strong combat instinct made her stand up instantly. Sharingan opened it and kicked the guy out.

"Have you been parasitized? Kazue, it seems that you have been targeted long ago." Yuuji also slowly stood up and looked at White-Zetsu with a serious face.

In the next moment, before White-Zetsu could recover and escape, Yuuji attacked decisively.

The huge radiation cloud spread, enveloping White Zetsu within, and began to disturb White Zetsu's body cells crazily.

The life tissues that came from God Tree, under the destruction and tearing of nuclear radiation, showed signs of distortion. This was also the reason why White Zetsu could not maintain the spore form and was forced to be exposed.

In the Ninja Realm, there had never been such a strange power that directly distorted and mutated all the life cells.

"Kazue, Guy, immediately kill it, do not leave it alive!" Yuuji said in a low voice.

The three-man team began to cooperate for the first time. With a loud bang, they surrounded White Zetsu and held him down.

"Although I don't know what you are, I want to fulfill Yuuji-san's will! Eight Inner Hidden Gates! Open the door, open!" Guy hit Baijue's neck with his super-strong body technique.

There was only a click...

White-Zetsu was dead.

Yuuji was still worried. He directly pulled out Kunai and cut off this fellow's head, confirming that he was dead.

"Fortunately, it didn't alert the village..."

"Yuuji, what exactly is this? Without blood and brain, it can still infect my body..." Kazue was furious, and the strong sense of uneasiness severely stimulated her sensitive nerves. In her eyes, that blood-red Sharingan, at this moment, because of the stimulation of immense radiation and anger, the surging eye power suddenly broke through a small bottleneck.

Second stage -- Sharingan!

Kazue's face turned pale as if stepping into the second stage -- was a great loss to her body, and more importantly, the second Jade - in each of her eyes was still slightly blurred, and if she didn't look carefully, she simply wouldn't notice it.

Yuuji quietly released the radiation cloud and began to envelop the entire house. He carefully avoided Izumi, who was playing with his toys...

However, he did not find any other White Zetsu.

Only then did Yuuji feel slightly relieved. "Don't ask this question in the future, and you absolutely can not mention it to anyone. I will think of a way to deal with it."

Kazue hesitated.

However, Guy nodded. "I understand. Yuuji-san, I will keep my mouth shut. I will not even tell my father!"

Kazue also nodded reluctantly with an ugly look on her face.

Yuuji looked at the dead White-Zetsu, a thoughtful expression on his face.

It felt a little tricky.

"Has that guy, Uchiha Madara, already set his eyes on Kazue? This won't do. Kazue is my man." Yuuji muttered to himself.

"This thing is very valuable to us. To be precise, its value is beyond imagination."

Yuuji solemnly wrapped up White Zetsu's corpse, then looked at Kazue and ordered, "Find a way to seal this thing in the scroll. Then help me buy a batch of the experimental equipment. I need to study this thing."

"I understand, but I can only get you some basic equipment. I can't do anything about the real precision."

"That's enough." Yuuji nodded.

White Zetsu's corpse was very important. It was made from the cells in the pillar. More accurately, it was made from the weakened cells that God Tree had stripped off.

As long as he could study this thing thoroughly, it was not impossible to pry into some of the secrets of Mokuton and God Tree...

"Although I do not intend to get my hands on Mokuton, the power of Mokuton still has a great reference value..."

Yuuji cut off a small piece of White Zetsu's body tissue and carefully stored it on his body. In his heart, he silently thought about some of the techniques of Senju Hashirama.

It was a typical Mokuton Technique. It could fight and resist, and its vitality was incomparably exuberant. It was simply the most perfect physical doppelganger technique.

Soon, Yuuji left Kazue's house with the two of them. Before Kazue's parents returned, they left this place.

They pretended that nothing had happened.


And at this time.

Uchiha Madara, who just used Zetsu's ability to rush to Konoha and secretly sneaked into Uchiha's territory.

"So many years have passed, but this place still hasn't changed..."

A cold expression appeared on Madara's face, and then he turned into Obito's grandmother with a bang. He was also old and senile, and there was no flaw in his disguise.

He walked, trembling...

Today, he was going to offer Obito a funeral for his only kin so that Obito could feel the darkness and pain of this world!

Madara walked shakily, his back hunched as if he would die at any moment.

"Madara-sama, the spores I planted on Kazue's body have lost contact." White Zetsu suddenly popped out from the ground.

"Oh? That little thing is really not simple, to actually discover spores... What method did she use to do it?"

"I don't know. After all, I don't share the same consciousness as the other spores."

"Hmph, forget it. It's just a White-Zetsu. Anyway, it's just an idle chess piece. The main point is still Obito."


Madara staggered back home and was about to die on the spot in front of Obito.

"Ah! Grandma, why did you sneak out? Didn't I tell you to rest well" Obito shouted and rushed out.

"Hahaha, good child. Grandma just wants to buy you some fruit to eat. I am your only relative. Only I can care about you, so I must take good care of you... Oh! I fell!" Discover ew chapters at novelbi(.)co

"No! What happened to you? Are you not feeling well again?" Obito immediately panicked. His eyes were red and full of tears. He was about to rush to his only relative.

However, it was already too late...

Seeing that his grandmother was about to die in extreme pain, his eyes widened, and he gasped for breath. At this moment, Madara's acting skills were explosive and even more explosive than those of others.

Every micro expression was impeccable.

"Aiya, aiya!"

Madara took advantage of this opportunity to throw himself on the street and provoke Obito, making him feel pain.

'Humph, humph, Obito, this world is so ugly. Life and death parting is a cruel norm. Hurry up and wake up!'

Then, a strong arm suddenly appeared and supported him.

"Are you alright?"

Yuuji looked at him or her with great concern.

"... I'm fine now. Good child, it's all thanks to you appearing in time..."

"No, I'm not good, and I'm not in time. Grandma, don't come out so casually when you're old. This will put me in a difficult position." Yuuji forcefully pulled up the adult who was about to fall to the ground.


'Whose descendant is this little brat? I should have strangled his grandfather to death back then.'

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