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SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon

SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon

SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon

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07-22 20:12:35

I was stuck in a dungeon explosion while working so hard that I actually died.

But when I opened my eyes, I was back to the time of 3 years ago!

Well, I will live differently in this life. Salary is goodbye to s*ave life. I quit immediately and set up a cafe in the store my grandmother left behind.

There are no customers because she is right in front of a dungeon, but it doesn't matter. All I want is to work two days and play five days. But.

[Class: I woke up as the cafe owner (F)] [Skill: I have the coffee in my hand (Lv.1)] [Mission: Brew 100 cups of mixed coffee (0\/100)] [Item: Mixed Coffee - Increases recovery speed by 100% faster] After leaving my life as a wage s*ave, I became a coffee s*ave.

Also, the attractive regular customer who keeps bothering me is somehow unusual.

It doesn't feel good. Isn't it like the story of the main character of the RPG, who was just trying to run an errand, and ends up fighting the devil after getting caught up in something annoying?

Yes, I will not. I can not. I have no intention of playing more than the role of a novice innkeeper.\